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Order for an animation

The flex4 acquires an order for an animation of a production area. Within the concept planning the provided services should significant increase the planning quality in the execution phase.

Foundation of the flex4 GmbH

After establishing at the beginning of 2016 with the support of FF-Experts the flex4 GmbH with its head office in Frankfurt am Main has started operations. The services contains the innovative factory and logistic planning as well as conception and realisation from IT-Systems, animation and simulation.

On the one hand the flex4 GmbH deals with the traditional factory and logistic design. The long-term and wide expertise of the flex4 management makes these to its core competence. On the other hand the flex4 GmbH provides services in the highly promising area of animation. The flex4 GmbH is in the position to make this important technology in an, at this stage unkown, innovative combination of implementation and highest quality also for small and medium projects available and particularly regards to cost-effectiveness.

Please also note some video-excerpts listed in “video”.